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Today's the day! Day one of our team placements begin tonight, but it's not too late to schedule a private evaluation!

Email info@rainathletics.com for more information!
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Todays the day! Day one of our team placements begin tonight, but its not too late to schedule a private evaluation! 

Email info@rainathletics.com for more information!

2016-2017 Team Placements

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Hip Hop Team Placements Coming Soon!

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US Finals “Final Rankings” Announced!

Rain Athletics took 6 teams to the US Finals in Virginia Beach, and the “FINAL RANKINGS” has been posted! Here is where we stand nationally – when combining the scores from all 5 US Finals competitions! Note: Teams who were selected to move onto the...
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Rain Athletics is a Jam Brands 15-16 Overall Program Champion FINALIST!

Based on the fantastic performances of our athletes this season, Rain Athletics has been selected as a FINALIST for the 2015-2016 Jam Brands Overall Program Champion award! We are honored and so proud to be in the running for this prestigious award after only our...
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Check out Rain’s Nfinity ‘Generation Next’ Applicants!

Congratulations to 11 year old Storm athletes Jenna Dupal & Sara Mastorovich – Rain Athletics’ 2016 Nfinity Generation Next applicants! Good luck to Jenna and Sara as they continue onto the next...
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The Third Storm Finishes Strong!

Congratulations for our Rain Athletics “Third Storm” teams for finishing strong with amazing end-of-the-season performances at Worlds & US Finals! 2016 Cheerleading Worlds Congratulations Aqua on an amazing 20th place finish in Semi-Finals at Worlds!...
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Why Rain?

Our families share what the Rain Athletics Cheerleading family means to them!

Rain is family. You have helped shape Skylar into a determined young lady who lives & breathes for the gym & her coaches. I think of each of you as her mentors, her family, her best friends. There is no place in this world I feel safer & more confident sending her. She has grown so tremendously in the past 2 years & it’s all because of you guys. There is nothing I love watching more than her “come to life” on stage doing what she loves & watching her amazing coaches cheer for her as she does it. You all know her better than she knows herself sometimes & I truly respect every decision you have ever made involving her. You push her to prove to herself what she’s capable of & encourage her to never settle, to always strive for better, for greater, for perfection. I am so thankful we still have at least 3 years with this amazing program because I can’t imagine it not being a part of my daughters life. I have seen her do skills in 2 years I never thought she would do in a lifetime. Her dream was Worlds by age 16 & here she is going to her first ever Worlds. Thank you. I love each & every one of you from the bottom of my heart & am so grateful you are such a huge part of myself, my daughter & even my family’s life.

Sheri Duncan, Skylar’s Mom (Aqua, Storm, Downpour)


Family! A home away from home with wonderful parents, terrific athletes and compassionate coaches. A gym where hardwork, dedication and commitment are rewarded with pride on the mat. Rain is a place to grow friendships, build skills and be uplifted with positivity from coaches and family members. Rain is family!

Lisa Svidron, Haylee’s Mom (Mist, Drizzle)


We took a chance at coming to Rain this past year.  We were looking for a place that accepted my daughter for who she is and what skills she has, and to see what she can be.   From the moment she stepped into the gym, she felt accepted.  From the team welcoming her and making her feel a part the first day, to the positive approach, encouragement and support of all the coaches, we could not have made a better choice.  They push her to be her best, and expect nothing less.  The staff puts 100% into every one of their athletes, from the little ones to the seniors, whether they are only at a level 1 or a world’s level athlete.  There is a place here for everyone to become their own best.  We are very honored to be part of the Rain family.

Theresa Strausbaugh, Amanda’s Mom (Downpour, Midnight)


As an athlete at rain I’ve been able to experience first hand what it’s all about. It’s about hard work, perseverance, but most importantly family. Rain has taught me that even if people tell you that you can’t do something you absolutely can go out there and prove them wrong again and again. The coaching staff has taught me that if someone pushes you harder than you’ve ever been pushed it means they care about you the most. Rain taught me to never give up and to always follow my dreams. I wouldn’t trade my last two and a half years at rain for anything in this world and I’m so thankful for every opportunity they have given me.

Kendall Pearson, Senior (Downpour, Storm)


At Rain, extraordinary is normal, there is no average. At Rain, sacrifice is rewarded, it is normal. At Rain, potential is sacred, capabilities are limitless. At Rain, pride and confidence are the stepping stones to success. But above all, trust, teamwork, encouragement and passion are what drives our athletes and parents to achieve the impossible, raise the bar and continue to amaze ourselves and our communities, showing that what happens at our gym isn’t by mistake, it’s by design. It’s a home, built by our coaches, their families, our families, our athletes and love. After dancing in the Rain, life will never be the same

Julie Proskin, Morgan’s Mom (Drizzle, Downpour)